• Wired & Wireless Home Security Systems
  • Police, Fire, & Medical / Hostage codes
  • Fire & Smoke Protection available
  • Save up to 20% on homeowners insurance*
  • Pet Friendly Motion Detectors
  • No phone line necessary
  • Professional Installation
  • Warranty on products and labor
  • No Contract Term with Alarm Monitoring
  • Honeywell Total Connect Installations
Premier Security Inc.
is proud to offer state of the art new security system installations with
products from
Honeywell & DSC
Premier Security only installs nonproprietary security systems you own from the installation date. We do not lease our security systems.  All alarm monitoring services with Premier Security are on a noncontractual term length with our UL 24HR Georgia Alarm Monitoring Facility.
Premier Security's complete wireless Honeywell Lynx Touch 7000 home security system
Premier Security Inc. is Atlanta's best choice
for new home security system installations.
At Premier Security, new home security system installations start with the most advanced technology in the industry utilizing Honeywell and DSC security system products. Premier Security sells and installs hardwired, prewired and wireless security systems for any application. Alarm monitoring options on new home or business security system installations with Premier Security include traditional landline alarm monitoring, pure wireless alarm monitoring, IP alarm monitoring with the appropriate security panel, Telguard Interactive alarm monitoring, and Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 alarm monitoring, all with no contract. With over 75 years of accumulated experience in the Atlanta, GA home security system industry, our technical expertise goes far beyond just the initial sale of the system.  Every new home security system is custom tailored to meet the individual security needs of the homeowner or business owner and their budget. Premier Security has an commitment to providing outstanding service on each new homeowner or business we install and provide alarm monitoring for with our customer satisfaction guarantee.

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Atlanta's Best Choice for Wireless Home Security Systems
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All of Premier Security's alarm monitoring options are with no contract.
Honeywell Wireless Lynx Touch 7000 security system
This wireless security system can either utilize
landline monitoring or wireless cellular monitoring.

Notable features include:
Honeywell’s LYNX Touch features a bright, full-color
touchscreen with graphic icons and intuitive prompts for
easier operation, advanced alarm communications features
and appealing home automation and control capabilities.

Secures up to 64 wireless security zones and accommodates up to 16 wireless keys
Fully programmable labels for viewing on the LCD display
(ex. John’s Room);
The Z-Wave® connectivity module lets you integrate security,
lighting, thermostats and more in one self-contained system
providing complete local control at the panel (an optional Wi-Fi
enabled wireless AndroidTM tablet keypad is also available).
When combining LYNX Touch with Honeywell Total ConnectTM
Remote Services, users can control security, thermostats,
lighting, locks and more using their smartphones or PCs from
anywhere in the world.

Easy access emergency keys (Fire, Auxiliary or Medical, and Panic)
Program up to 16 individual access codes
GSMVLP5-4G GSM radio option for wireless monitoring and Honeywell Total Connect features.

Telguard Interactive from Premier Security Inc. can be added onto any new security system installation on a home or business to provide wireless cellular GSM alarm monitoring with system alarm alerts by texts and emails and remote arming and disarming capabilities.
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Telguard Inteactive
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