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Telguard Interactive Alarm Monitoring for Honeywell Panels

by Chris Anderson, Premier Security Service Manager on 11/14/12

Premier Security Inc. has now been installing the Telguard Interactive product line for 45 days on customers that have existing GE, DSC, and Honeywell security system panels. Telguard Interactive on DSC panels works perfect, straight out of the box, exactly as the manufacturers manual dictates. GE Network panels require the installer to follow the directions to the T when installing the TG1 express and enabling Telguard Interactive. This post is more for installing the TG1 Express on either Honeywell V15P or Honeywell 20P panels and enabling the Telguard Interactive features. After having three new customers in a row that had existing Honeywell panels not work after installing the TG1 express and enabling Telguard Interactive, we set out to solve the problem and document the correct steps with the help of a lead technician from Telguard tech support. There is no documentation online that indicates the correct procedure and the technical manual that comes in each TG1 express does not cover correct setup procedures.

This blog post is not only for all of Premier Security technicians SOP, but also a professional curtsey to any other dealers or installers across the country that have experienced this technical challenge.

·         Wiring of the Keyswitch zone on the Honeywell motherboard should be done in parallel with no resistor used.  Using a resistor can have what is called a phantom arm two weeks after installation. System will arm/disarm by itself.

·         Use a keypad harness for wiring output 18 on Honeywell motherboard.

·         Because the TG1 express can be configured for the SLIC, if running a separate power wire to the unit, clip or cap all unused wires of RJ31x cord. This will remove any possibility of power shorts coming from TG1 express SLIC feature.

·         Configuration of the Telguard keyswitch zone in Honeywell panel programming must be programmed as a 77 (Keyswitch zone)

·         Define zone as Normally Open. Not an EOLR zone.  (Program Option 2).  The technical manual issued by Telguard definitely indicates an EOLR zone.

·         We used a time response of 1 as the last subsection in zone programming.

·         Honeywell Output programming in section 80 for output 18 is correct in the Telguard technical manual and will be defined as 78 or Keyswitch red. Do not worry about programming Keyswitch green.

·         The biggest issue is on dealer programming of TG1 unit from Telguard’s dealer activation website. The Honeywell panels on Interactive setup upon registration cannot be setup as a Honeywell panel. On the Interactive page of dealer setup, there will be a drop down menu to select panel type TG1 is being installed on. At this point select OTHER PANEL Normally Open. If you select Honeywell panel on the drop down menu, interactive features will not work, and Keyswitch zone will show open on the alarm panel.

Once this is completed Interactive features on Honeywell panels work like a charm. No technician wants to spend thirty minutes to an hour on the phone with tech support double checking every step of the installation until these items are cleared up. Follow this process and the installation will be smooth and timely. Premier Security is excited to offer Telguard Interactive features as it provides customers who have existing security systems a cost effective platform for text and email notifications on alarm conditions or status changes and the ability for smartphone or computer control of their security system without replacing all hardware.


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