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Broadband Internet Alarm Monitoring by Premier Security

by Chris Anderson, Premier Security Service Manager on 06/18/11

Premier Security is excited to announce implementation of internet alarm monitoring with a broadband connection for homeowners and business security systems without a phone line or as a redundancy communication path in addition to phone line alarm monitoring.

Broadband alarm monitoring provides customers with additional options that they are demanding. Immediately get notified via text, email, phone call or any combination of the three the instant an event occurs on the security system. 

Broadband alarm monitoring gives you full functionality control of the security system offsite from any computer in the world with an internet connection or Iphone, Ipad, Itouch and Android based devices.

Broadband Alarm monitoring requires installation of a module that interacts with the existing security system or added with a new security system installation to transmit emergency conditions through the internet to Premier Security's 24HR central station monitoring facility. The benefits of internet alarm monitoring include faster communication speed in emergency situations and ongoing savings to the customer by not having to carry a traditional phone line to have the security system monitored.

The Broadband Alarm Transmitter works with select Honeywell, DSC and GE panels. The BAT not only saves a customer money by being the primary communicator but also brings features not offered standard by most products on the market today. These features bring alarm system interaction to the user from any internet capable device including mobile devices.

One of the biggest service issues we have had over the years is with customers either losing or damaging their remote keyfob's. At almost the same price point you have remote functionality without ever being able to lose the device and the remote functionality is more secure than a keyfob. Hypothetically a burglar could steal a customer's purse, have the keys, remote, and the customers address. At this point, pressing the off button of the remote would completely disarm the security system and they would have free rein to burglarize the home or business. With the remote functionality of broadband alarm monitoring the four digit master code is required to disarm the security system. 

Two obstacles customers might have to broadband alarm monitoring are loss of internet and or loss of power causing the internet modem to be out of service. The broadband alarm monitoring module is a polling device that will notify the customer by text or email when it see's the internet nonfunctional during a predesignated time period. Power loss can be solved with installation of a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) on the internet modem and the broadband alarm monitoring module. Broadband alarm monitoring can also be used as a redundant alarm signaling path in addition to normal phone line communication at no additional charge to the customer.

The future of security system monitoring and alarm monitoring response is here and Premier Security is proud to be on the cutting edge of technology with broadband alarm monitoring. For more information on broadband alarm monitoring call into our offices and have one of Premier Security's consultants give you a free estimate today!



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