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Premier Security Inc. blog for Atlanta Home and Business Security Systems and Alarm Monitoring

Honeywell Total Connect by Premier Security Inc

by Chris Anderson, Premier Security Service Manager on 09/04/15

Total Connect from Honeywell by Premier Security with Zwave Hub
Finally, interactive security technology with automation hubs is becoming more affordable on home security systems and business security systems. 

With the rise of Zwave technologies and an open market for those products with embedded Zwave technology, homeowners desire for automation schedules with devices has become more prevelant and these products are realtively inexpensive. Pricing can only go lower in the future with stiff competition in an open Zwave market.

Example: Disarm your security system with a one touch command from your cellphone, which raises you garage overhead door and unlocks your pedistrian garage entry door, followed by turning on kitchen lights. The automation hub is standard on all Honeywell Lynx 7000 wireless security systems installed by Premier Security Inc. Any Honeywell VistaP series hardwired security system version 9.1 or higher can have the hub module added to for automation control.

Premier Security Inc. offers a small line of Zwave products like electronic residential door locks but often the homeowner will purchase their own locks or devices from other sources on Amazon or Internet storefronts and Premier Security technicians will just help setup automation schedules for the homeowner.

Best of all, Premier Security offers Total Connect cellular alarm monitoring and automation with no contract in Atlanta,GA.

Telguard Interactive Alarm Monitoring for Honeywell Panels

by Chris Anderson, Premier Security Service Manager on 11/14/12

Premier Security Inc. has now been installing the Telguard Interactive product line for 45 days on customers that have existing GE, DSC, and Honeywell security system panels. Telguard Interactive on DSC panels works perfect, straight out of the box, exactly as the manufacturers manual dictates. GE Network panels require the installer to follow the directions to the T when installing the TG1 express and enabling Telguard Interactive. This post is more for installing the TG1 Express on either Honeywell V15P or Honeywell 20P panels and enabling the Telguard Interactive features. After having three new customers in a row that had existing Honeywell panels not work after installing the TG1 express and enabling Telguard Interactive, we set out to solve the problem and document the correct steps with the help of a lead technician from Telguard tech support. There is no documentation online that indicates the correct procedure and the technical manual that comes in each TG1 express does not cover correct setup procedures.

This blog post is not only for all of Premier Security technicians SOP, but also a professional curtsey to any other dealers or installers across the country that have experienced this technical challenge.

·         Wiring of the Keyswitch zone on the Honeywell motherboard should be done in parallel with no resistor used.  Using a resistor can have what is called a phantom arm two weeks after installation. System will arm/disarm by itself.

·         Use a keypad harness for wiring output 18 on Honeywell motherboard.

·         Because the TG1 express can be configured for the SLIC, if running a separate power wire to the unit, clip or cap all unused wires of RJ31x cord. This will remove any possibility of power shorts coming from TG1 express SLIC feature.

·         Configuration of the Telguard keyswitch zone in Honeywell panel programming must be programmed as a 77 (Keyswitch zone)

·         Define zone as Normally Open. Not an EOLR zone.  (Program Option 2).  The technical manual issued by Telguard definitely indicates an EOLR zone.

·         We used a time response of 1 as the last subsection in zone programming.

·         Honeywell Output programming in section 80 for output 18 is correct in the Telguard technical manual and will be defined as 78 or Keyswitch red. Do not worry about programming Keyswitch green.

·         The biggest issue is on dealer programming of TG1 unit from Telguard’s dealer activation website. The Honeywell panels on Interactive setup upon registration cannot be setup as a Honeywell panel. On the Interactive page of dealer setup, there will be a drop down menu to select panel type TG1 is being installed on. At this point select OTHER PANEL Normally Open. If you select Honeywell panel on the drop down menu, interactive features will not work, and Keyswitch zone will show open on the alarm panel.

Once this is completed Interactive features on Honeywell panels work like a charm. No technician wants to spend thirty minutes to an hour on the phone with tech support double checking every step of the installation until these items are cleared up. Follow this process and the installation will be smooth and timely. Premier Security is excited to offer Telguard Interactive features as it provides customers who have existing security systems a cost effective platform for text and email notifications on alarm conditions or status changes and the ability for smartphone or computer control of their security system without replacing all hardware.


Premier Security is now a Telguard authorized dealer and offers Telguard Interactive.

by Chris Anderson, Premier Security Service Manager on 08/12/12

A New Addition To Our Products And Services 

Premier Security has been offering wireless cellular alarm monitoring for a number of years now and has been an authorized dealer for Honeywell's alarmnet radios and Uplinks cellular alarm communicators. We are pleased to announce we will now be offering UL Listed Telguard Digital cellular alarm communicators on new installations and with takeovers of existing security systems when the customer wants to move to wireless cellular alarm monitoring as opposed to traditional landline monitoring.

With our existing customer base at 70% wireless cellular alarm monitoring due to the demise of POTS line communication, this decision opened up new avenues to acquire potential clients. The decision to use Telguard product lines and their cellular communication path was based off their product line that addresses 2G cellular sunset and their Telguard Interactive platform. Many of the existing cellular communicators on the market for security systems are using 2G technology for communication and will cease to work at the end of 2016. Other conflicting reports indicate 2021. Premier Security wanted to move to a product that would ensure communication for the long term without the customer having to replace the communicator within a couple of years.

The TG1- express cellular communicator added onto an existing security system provides a 3G / 4G communication path and Telguard Interactive works with panels supporting Contact ID transmission format without the expense of replacing alarm panels. Telguard Interactive is designed to allow consumers to remotely arm, disarm and receive system notifications at an affordable price.

Previously at Premier Security, if the customer had an existing security system and wanted smartphone control, we would have to change the existing motherboard, kps and add a Honeywell alarmnet radio. This has always been a costly proposition for the customer. It is now simplified to just adding the TG1 Express to most existing security panels with no other hardware change.

Telguard Interactive from Premier Security is provided with no contract and is available for the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry platforms. The free app comes ready to activate with the TG-1 Express installation. Or the customer can login from their PC or Mac.

Additionally when a potential customer calls in that is already using Telguard wireless monitoring with another company, Premier Security can take over the existing cellular communicator for alarm monitoring without having to sell the client a new radio.

Premier Security is excited to be offering the Telguard product line and services; our guiding principle is to provide the best wireless security system technology available at the lowest alarm monitoring rate in the Atlanta, GA area.


Significant rise in burglaries & home invasions in East Cobb, Alpharetta Milton areas, Roswell & Johns Creek

by Chris Anderson, Premier Security Service Manager on 01/24/12

Some of the below stated comes directly from police and news reports and some comes from what we are experiencing out in the field. Many times when a new customer activates either with a new system installation or is reactivating monitoring on a existing security system we hear " I just got burglarized 2 days ago" or " My neighbor just got burglarized." Regardless, we are seeing and sending out techs that report back status on many, many more burglaries in these four areas in Atlanta suburbs that we traditionally have not seen: East Cobb in Marietta, Alpharetta / Milton areas, Johns Creek and Roswell.

From what we have seen and heard in news reports, it is all about gold and jewelry. Many times the traditional items like TV's and electronics are not taken.

"We have reason to believe that many of the incidents mentioned above involve prior surveillance of your home."

(Source: Cobb County Police Department, Crimes Against Property, Precinct 4) 

Home Invasions and burglaries in East Cobb, Johns Creek & Alpharetta Milton areas appear to be targeting Indian and Asian families, although not limited too.

With the price of gold hitting an all-time high this year, police believe that a group of thieves are zeroing in on Asian Indians. It is customary for Asian Indian families to possess gold jewelry, which is often handed down from generation to generation or purchased for gifts. Cobb Police have said earlier robberies and burglaries may have been the work of Colombian gang members.(Source: AJC reported 30 DEC 2011)

Many of our existing customer base that is of Indian ethnicity have called in with their concerns over the last six months and either moved to wireless gsm monitoring from landline monitoring for a more secure connection, or have added on additional areas of protection to their existing security i.e. motions, glass breaks, multiple sirens.

So what can you do?

  1. Change to cellular gsm monitoring for faster, line-cut proof communication
  2. Test your security system monthly, rotate through the house and check each device at least four times a year. Check both communication to central station and device operation.
  3. Start a neighborhood watch if not already in place. I was recently activating a new customer in Glen Abbey in Alpharetta, where a neighbor called the police when the siren was set off. Police were there in about 4 minutes, knocking on the homeowners door to verify everything was alright. Recently because of some burglaries/ home invasions in that subdivision, homeowners are hyper aware of everything going on. Great police response and a good neighborhood watch can go a long way.
  4. Make sure all family members know the hostage / duress code. This is a silent alarm without provoking any would be burglars. The police panic button on the kp is traditionally audible. Scenario based: Police kp panic button prior to a burglar getting a hold of you producing an audible siren and immediate dispatch from Premier Security. Hostage code if the would be burglar is telling you to disarm the security system. Immediate dispatch and no verification phone call to see if a false alarm. These are priority alarms to police department and usually have a faster response time.
  5. Consider Total Connect 2.0 cellular monitoring services from Premier Security. This is an advanced level of security monitoring where you can arm, disarm receive alerts and even trigger your hostage code from your cell phone or laptop. Video remote cameras can be included at an affordable price to view home on your cell phone prior to pulling up to the driveway.

Broadband Internet Alarm Monitoring by Premier Security

by Chris Anderson, Premier Security Service Manager on 06/18/11

Premier Security is excited to announce implementation of internet alarm monitoring with a broadband connection for homeowners and business security systems without a phone line or as a redundancy communication path in addition to phone line alarm monitoring.

Broadband alarm monitoring provides customers with additional options that they are demanding. Immediately get notified via text, email, phone call or any combination of the three the instant an event occurs on the security system. 

Broadband alarm monitoring gives you full functionality control of the security system offsite from any computer in the world with an internet connection or Iphone, Ipad, Itouch and Android based devices.

Broadband Alarm monitoring requires installation of a module that interacts with the existing security system or added with a new security system installation to transmit emergency conditions through the internet to Premier Security's 24HR central station monitoring facility. The benefits of internet alarm monitoring include faster communication speed in emergency situations and ongoing savings to the customer by not having to carry a traditional phone line to have the security system monitored.

The Broadband Alarm Transmitter works with select Honeywell, DSC and GE panels. The BAT not only saves a customer money by being the primary communicator but also brings features not offered standard by most products on the market today. These features bring alarm system interaction to the user from any internet capable device including mobile devices.

One of the biggest service issues we have had over the years is with customers either losing or damaging their remote keyfob's. At almost the same price point you have remote functionality without ever being able to lose the device and the remote functionality is more secure than a keyfob. Hypothetically a burglar could steal a customer's purse, have the keys, remote, and the customers address. At this point, pressing the off button of the remote would completely disarm the security system and they would have free rein to burglarize the home or business. With the remote functionality of broadband alarm monitoring the four digit master code is required to disarm the security system. 

Two obstacles customers might have to broadband alarm monitoring are loss of internet and or loss of power causing the internet modem to be out of service. The broadband alarm monitoring module is a polling device that will notify the customer by text or email when it see's the internet nonfunctional during a predesignated time period. Power loss can be solved with installation of a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) on the internet modem and the broadband alarm monitoring module. Broadband alarm monitoring can also be used as a redundant alarm signaling path in addition to normal phone line communication at no additional charge to the customer.

The future of security system monitoring and alarm monitoring response is here and Premier Security is proud to be on the cutting edge of technology with broadband alarm monitoring. For more information on broadband alarm monitoring call into our offices and have one of Premier Security's consultants give you a free estimate today!



Total Connect from Honeywell by Premier Security in Atlanta

by Chris Anderson, Premier Security Service Manager on 03/17/11

Total Connect from Honeywell by Premier Security
Finally, interactive security technology has become more affordable on home security systems and business security systems. For the last twenty five years security systems have relatively stayed the same. Door and window contacts, motion detectors, glass break detectors, and normal components installed on security systems have remained unchanged for years and years. Better products have entered the marketplace for false alarm reduction, but the products have in essence remained the same at the standard security system price level. Without getting into a custom level multi thousand dollar security system, advanced features were just not available at reasonable pricing. Now Premier Security offers Total Connect from Honeywell. Interactive event based control and notification of home and business security systems at no additional monthly fee.
What can Total Connect do for you?
  • Text or email notification of alarm events,
  • Remote system arming or disarming from cellphones or internet,
  • Notification of trouble conditions on security system,
  • Notification when system has been armed or disarmed
  • Master and user code changes remotely
  • Cellular or wireless alarm monitoring with no phone line needed
  • Video can even be tied in with wireless cameras for viewing on smart phone or internet connections with event based notification: i.e. movement in rear of the house automatically triggers an emailed video clip to your smart phone.
Notification is Instant. Very cool! When an alarm happens at your home or business you are receiving either an email or a text or both at the same time our central station operators are receiving the alarm data. Finally this technology has reached a price point where we can offer it to every consumer at a reasonable price. If homeowners or businesses are interested in wireless or cellular alarm monitoring only, we offer the Total Connect features at no monthly price difference from just using the Alarmnet 7845GSM radio (X,V, or R models) for standard wireless alarm monitoring. There is a onetime setup fee of $75.00 for programming and user walk-through on all the available features. It normally takes around two hours for our programming technicians to setup all feature of Total Connect and provide the home owner or business owner a user interface walk-through. Once configured the end-user has complete control and setup options at their disposal to change and reconfigure as events dictate. Total Connect right now only works on Honeywell or Ademco branded systems. Premier Security is moving very quickly to offer this type of interactive security for all of its alarm monitored customers using other manufacturers system brands. At Premier Security, we believe within three to five years all new installations will have these types of features standard with consumer demand for advanced technology. At an affordable price for interactive security, why not?
Many homeowners and businesses are switching their Total Connect over to Premier Security just because we do not charge additional monthly amounts for that service. Many security companies charge $10 to $15 more per month for Total Connect so customers end up with monthly monitoring rates anywhere from $35 to $45 monthly. Premier Security offers wireless cellular alarm monitoring on the Alarmnet radios at $25.00 monthly with no additional monthly fees if you want the Total Connect MyKeypad features. Best of all, Premier Security offers Total Connect Cellular alarm monitoring with no contract in Atlanta,GA.

So what does it cost if you want to start wireless alarm monitoring with Total Connect?
You need a Honeywell or Ademco branded existing security system
or we need to install a new Honeywell security system
Pricing as of 3.1.2011
New add on of Alarmnet 7845GSMX radio $199.00 installed
Programming & Setup Fee $75.00 for Total Connect features
Wireless Alarm Monitoring rate of $25.00 monthly with no contract

If you have existing Total Connect features already with another Atlanta security company and you are tired of paying $35 to $45 monthly, Premier Security will switch you for free over to our $25.00 monthly rate with no contract.
If you would like to add video services to Total Connect MyKeypad security related features, add an additional $4.99 monthly rate.

Interactive security is here to stay and Premier Security will always offer the most competitive wireless alarm monitoring rate in Atlanta.

Premier Security is protecting more homes and businesses in Atlanta,GA

by Chris Anderson, Premier Security Service Manager on 02/05/11

After review, Premier Security is excited to announce that our new customer acquisition doubled in year 2010 from year 2009.
The advent of an affordable wireless alarm monitoring solution offered by Premier Security has increased new customers activations using wireless alarm monitoring to fifty percent of all new customers.
While acquisition of new homeowners and businesses is always important to Premier Security, the retention of existing customers is always our primary focus. Because Premier Security provides all alarm monitoring services with no contract, we must strive on every level to maintain customer satisfaction for retention of alarm monitoring services.

Customer retention levels for 2010 increased by five percent to one of the best levels in the security industry. New acquisitions for year 2010 came from new advertising implementations, a rise in overall property crime and home invasions and referrals from our existing customer base. Premier Security has always offered two free months of monitoring for a referral to our existing customer base.

We thank our loyal customer base for helping Premier Security to expand in the Atlanta, GA home security market and look forward to year 2011's growth and development within our company.

Protection is a must in this economy!

by Chris Anderson, Premier Security Service Manager on 09/14/10

Do Something even if you decide not to get a home security system. As a technician, I am seeing so many burglaries it is unbelievable. This is when customers call us out, after they have been burglarized.

  • Strike plates on the rear, basement and front doors
  • Secure key deadbolts, not latch type locks
  • Replace the standard screws on your lock sets with 3" screws that go all the way back into the 2x4, not just the trim of the doorframe
  • Shatterproof storm doors sold in big box hardware stores
  • Window film that can make your windows shatter resistant
  • People say good exterior lightning i.e. motion activated lights, however most burglaries we are seeing happen during daytime hours 10AM - 3PM
  • If you are using a home security companies alarm monitoring service, KEEP YOUR YARD SIGN FRESH AND NEW LOOKING, not faded out and broken or chipped.
  • If you are in a high risk area, protect your AC compressor on the outside of the home. Cages for these units can be purchased, we also advise to wrap units in barb wire. This may seem a bit extreme, however thieves are stealing the compressors left and right throughout the Atlanta area.
  • If your home is at the front of the subdivision, absolutely be aware that you are a higher risk for burglary and or home invasion. Easy exit.
  • Purchase a dog...nonfluffy.
  • Pin your windows, again at hardware stores relatively inexpensive or a locksmith can do this for you. This can be a fire hazard should you need to exit the window in the event of an emergency. Devastating combo if you do pins plus window film. Be aware of exit points in emergencies.
  • Do not keep your jewelry in the master bedroom. Ladies, I know this is a hassle, but keep it somewhere else in the home.

Physiologically a home invasion or burglary makes a homeowner freaked out and jumping at shadows, shocked this could happen to them. This is understandable. This only happens on the news or to other people. I always hear from customers that the burglars steal the oddest things and miss so much. What I tell customers is the burglars are probably moving so fast that this normally happens. Unfortunately, if you have been burglarized they come back many times within two weeks for everything they missed. Items typically taken are flat screen TV's , video games and systems, laptops, jewelry, guns, iPods, liquor and oddly drinks out of your refrigerator.

The bottom line is we are seeing burglaries everywhere throughout the greater Atlanta area, not just areas we have always gone to for the last ten years. Be aware and take reasonable steps for protection. We are not advising you to have Fort Knox at your home, just a good level of security for prevention of buglaries.

Chris Anderson

Premier Security

Programming Technician


Alarm Monitoring with No phone pure wireless communication!

by Chris Anderson, Premier Security Service Manager on 06/16/10

Many consumers are dropping their traditional home telephone line (POTS) and still have a need for alarm monitoring.  The affordability of cell phone use has made this a popular action and the home security system industry has responded to the need for wireless monitoring solutions. The savings to homeowners over the long term can add up to hundreds of dollars a year by switching to wireless monitoring.

Premier Security offers our wireless secure advantage as the perfect solution for our customers' needs.  Universal for all security systems. No phone line is necessary when our technicians install the UPLINK wireless communicator onto the existing or new home security system. 

Wireless monitoring provides a more interactive security communication between our 24Hr central station and the homeowner.  Typically the wireless communicator is programmed to test into the central station every seven days and our service personnel monitor our customer base looking for that test signal.  It gives Premier Security the advantage of being able to contact the customer if there is a potential problem with the unit not checking in.  Normal phone line monitoring does not provide this option on every customer, only with specialized monitoring situations and generally at a much higher monitoring fee. 

Premier Security offers both GSM and CDMA network communicators specific for the homeowners location and network range.  Fast digital response, 24 Hrs a day and never the worry about line cut from a burglar.  Wireless secure advantage provides a backup battery in the event of power failure for continues operatation.  The Premier Security wireless advantage is a full data communicator for zone specific information and targeted dispatch. 

With digital fast response, unbeatable pricing and of course No Contract with Premier Security's monitoring solutions, the question is, what are you waiting for?

Testing your security system in Atlanta, GA

by Chris Anderson, Premier Security Service Manager on 03/21/10

Test your security system once a month.
The importance of doing this cannot be stressed enough. Most customers of security companies either don't know this or forget about doing it.

*For your security system monitoring to work, your security system must remain hooked in to a working land line, alarm radio device, alarm cell device or alarm broadband connection.

To often customers might switch their phone carrier or type of phone service and not think to test the security system with the new phone service.

Security systems fail to communicate because of switching the new provider of phone service all the time!

****This is especially important if you switch from a traditional POTS phone provider to a broadband connection. (Cable based phone service or VOIP monitoring)

  1. First and most important, call the central monitoring station of your security provider and put your security system on test.

  2. Now arm your security system and wait 2 minutes for the security system to arm before walking around your house. Some wireless components will take a setup time before they actually function.

  3. Open some or all doors and windows that have security contacts one at a time. walk in front of your motions and the siren should go off.

  4. Enter in your code and silence the security system.

  5. Now call the central station and check your signals. They should be able to tell you exactly which zones were breached and the time frame they received the signals.

If no signals are received call your security company's service department and schedule service on the security system immediately.

Periodically you want to check all protected windows and doors ensuring each device is working correctly. The chime feature of the security system will let you know if the device is still functional.

Test your Smoke Detectors The easiest way to test these devices is by picking up a can of smoke from a local hardware company for just a couple of dollars. Do not spray the smoke directly on the smoke detector. Stand back about 2-3 feet. The smoke will come out wet from the can and clog the filter on the smoke detector if you spray to close. Make sure you reference your user manual on how to reset the smoke detector after testing it.

Find out that your security system is working as it should before a situation happens!

Premier Security


No Contract Monitoring from Premier Security

by Chris Anderson, Premier Security Service Manager on 03/14/10

No Contract for a very good reason.

Many home and business security system monitoring companies require customers to sign contracts of 3-5 years in order to install and monitor their security systems. There are several good reasons not to sign a contract when searching for your security system provider. Local research will find you a number of regional security system monitoring companies offering security services with no contract required.

1) Companies state that contracts are to guarantee their monitoring rate. However, they should guarantee the monitoring rate without the need for a contract and effectively provide monitoring at competitive market value.

2) Beware the contract automatic extension. Most consumers believe after the initial term of the contract they are then on month-to-month. Read the fine print if you are signing a long term contract. Most companies have automatic renewals of one year if you fail to provide cancellation within 60 days prior to the end of the original contract.

3) If you are moving or unsatisfied with the service from your security provider, breaking the contract early can be costly. You may be liable for hundreds of dollars in monthly monitoring fees for the remainder of the contract, or a payoff balance.

4) Find out how long the warranty period is on the equipment being installed. Should you need service work outside of the warranty period, many companies are charging $150.00 per labor hour. Contracts force you to pay the amount dictated by these companies. 2.5 labor hours is the cost of a brand new security system installation!